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Gulmohur Greens Phase-I, Mohan Nagar


"GULMOHUR GREENS" is our largest, most prestigious & most luxurious residential project around now. The project is unique because of its strategic location and green surroundings.

This premium project has been designed by professionals and architects of international repute and is equipped with state of the art technology, ultra modern amenities and services. The project has around 1200 residential units, comprising of 2,3 and 4 BHK flats, villa apartments & 3-tier pent houses with terrace garden & pool.

Consider a housing facility where you are ushered into lush, green fields from the entrance. A magnificent project where beauty is untamed and children are free to play unhindered. A place where you witness luxury at its peak and the facilities; health, entertainment and education are at their finest, Always! Gulmohur Greens is the ultimate reality built from that imagination.

The tranquility and sanctuary of this residential project makes it the ultimate choice for the privileged.

Lastly, while you bask in the euphoria of its incredible beauty, we’d want you to be acquainted of the fact that this residential project is in close vicinity of already functional Vaishali metro station and just 400 meters away from upcoming Mohan Nagar metro station!

In residential estates and facilities, it just can’t get better. Can it?


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