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Message from Chairman

vijay kumar jindal
Mr. Vijay Kumar Jindal
Founder & Chairman
“Life is all about taking the right path.”
“When we at SVP thought of our path, we
imagined of an India which would be at
par with the most developed nations
across the globe in terms of facilities and
infrastructure. We took our first step
towards our chosen path for the
realization of our vision in 1995 when
SVP Group entered the arena of residential

Since our initial days in the real estate industry, we have constantly endeavored to serve the interests of our consumers and to help our associates & members prosper in a challenging environment. As a comprehensive solutions provider, we have main framed our leadership position by adopting new technology and International norms in Real Estate Development and Management. Apart from Homes and Institutes, SVP Group has also ventured into the arena of developing extensive Shopping Arcades and Multiplexes that would provide retail, entertainment, leisure and shopping avenues for the proud residents & visitors. Our future projects would foray into more Residential and Commercial spaces and even Hotels.

TSVP Group has come a long way since its inception, yet our excursion is a long way from being done. With each new project, we continue to carry forward our vision towards building the foundations of a good living and a strong nation.”

Mr. Vijay Kumar Jindal
Founder & Chairman, SVP Group



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